“New” old town turned up a few goodies. Couple small yards, got Don onto some Indians or as the neighbor said, Native American pennies. Finally we drove past a big beautiful house with a big beautiful yard which we both said was “too obvious.” But I’m glad I asked anyways. Starting in my side of the yard, dug up some modern trash. Very soon Don digs another Indian so I leave my side to go bottom feed. Right away I’ll pull out a nice standing liberty quarter. I should’ve politely gone back to my side but I couldn’t with Don pulling out Silver after Silver! The ground was a little dry though decided to leave it alone until after a nice rain storm. Homeowner said it was no big deal but we decided it was the right thing to do. I’ll let Don tell you all that he found that big beautiful yard!
Anyways here are my finds. Another 1850s yard produced this beautiful relic with cannon balls and cannons on it! If anyone has any ideas of what it is please tell me. Name:  8B0043D8-2DC6-4EEF-89CE-562EBCC9419F.jpg
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