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Thread: Murderer's Knife, Bucket Lister

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    Murderer's Knife, Bucket Lister

    Hey everyone!
    Sorry to have been absent the past few months. We took some vacations around the country.
    Between our trips I did get to do some detecting but there was never enough time to post before heading out again.

    The bucket lister is an 1810-20 Haitian military button. They are rare in NE but oddly are found more in the north west US.

    The silver butter knife belonged to a locally well known murderer (1910s) whose house was torn down and made into a park. I don't think that was the murder weapon, actually I think it was a gun.
    The spoon is also silver and has a beautiful rose on its bowl.
    The dog tags are 1921,22,23
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    Congrats on all the great stuff Drew especially the Murderers knife and the Phoenix button ,

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    Gee there are some interesting finds for sure! The silver knife and spoon is my favorite.
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    Great finds. Hope there is no bad Karma with the knife. WD
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    Wonderful variety of old finds, Drew!

    The silver knife and spoon are spectacular. How incredible that you found a murderer's butter knife! What a story!

    The Haitian military button is intriguing as well! I don't recall seeing one before. Very cool!

    I like how you just throw your coppers in a pile like they're unimportant. A Matron Head would be a thrilling find for us here in Illinois.

    Congrats on the terrific finds and thank you for sharing them with us!
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    Thanks, Guys.
    I also have a silver fork, now I need to make some dinner.

    Thanks so much, George!

    Geesh, I hope not WD! I'll go put it back

    I knew I had a military button in the field, Tony. I couldn't find which one for the longest time. The bird reminded me of the Austrian double neck but then I saw another example of mine on another forum. Apparently, they were made in Britain and CT but due to the king's suicide, never delivered. I guess they just sold them to people around the US, trying to unload them. Thanks!
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    What a great bunch of finds, love the Button. Any idea on the age of the bottle?
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    WOW! Yeah it would be a slow death with that knife Drew....but it is a very cool find! Nice score on the button!
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    Thank you Don and Jeff!
    Does that bottle look like 1930s designs, Don?
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