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Thread: Lady weapon

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    Lady weapon

    unfortunately there is too much snow here to look for old relics. Therefore I have used the time to restore and conserve some finds of the last years.

    It is a small pocket or travel pistol with percussion lock. It is only 4 inches long. I found it near a small creek on an old country road. The story behind it you can only imagine in your imagination. Personally, I think a Lady carried the pistol in the garter to be on the safe side when playing cards.
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    Congrats on a very nice find. Excellent photos as well. I have yet to find a real pistol just a couple of cap guns and lots of broken cap gun pieces.

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    Great use of your off time. The restoration looks great. Moral of your story is don't play cards with Ladies. Thx for posting. WD
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    At a time when everything took so long to make they never seemed to spare ornamentation. Nice!!
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    What a wonderful piece of history! Were you able to determine the manufacturer or approximate age? I imagine it originally looked similar to this one:

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    That is a really cool find Menzl. Congrats!!
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    Thank you. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find out anything about the manufacture. There is a mark on the bottom. A crown and crossed arrows or swords. Maybe England Birmingham around 1860s or Belgium?
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    Very nice find, and an interesting guess on its provenance!

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    Great little "boot" pistol Menzl and very nice job on restoring and preserving it .

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    Likely that's a proof stamp which looks like the style used at the Birmingham (UK) proof house 1813-1855.
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