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Thread: Southern Indiana?

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    Southern Indiana?

    I have a couple of promising permissions.

    I'm not real experienced, but I have a few years into it...
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    Best of luck with your permissions. It's always exciting to have some promising sites lined up.
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    Good luck on the permissions. Always fun to get those and talk with the homeowners about the history of their houses etc.
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    I assume you have to wait now? It was below zero in CT today and nor'easter Sat.
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    Hey Seagullplayer,

    I recently moved from Indy to Mobile, Alabama. I used to attend organized hunts put on by Kenny Wray at his family farm near Seymour. Did you ever go to any of his hunts?
    I hope you have had a chance to hunt some of the areas you had lined up. I'm sure there is lots of silver in the ground down there waiting for you to come along and find it.

    Good Luck with your detecting!


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