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Thread: Cold temps?

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    Cold temps?

    Quick question...what's too cold for you northern hunters? These days I won't go out until it's about 39.
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    Colder temps really don't matter to me to a point, but as I get older it seems that point is slowly creeping up, it's when the ground freezes so hard ya can't dig, 39 degs is a heat wave.
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    It really doesn't matter to me with the right gear. I've been out lake hunting in open water where I've had to climb down a 10 foot plus ice shelf to reach the water, and I've been out on days more than -10 and near gale winds with wind chills of -70 (not counting the blowing water and mist). I actually posted about the worst one a couple years back when I had the police called on me because someone called and told them some crazy person was out swimming in the lake. But of course once I was called back and met with the police and they saw I was fully geared up for arctic water conditions they just laughed it off. The only difficulty I had was keeping hold of the detector and scoop once they were coated in ice.
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    When the LCD screen on my detector get very sluggish and doesn't want to work , then its too cold .
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    below 50 is too cold and above 75 is too hot for this old man.

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    Wow, you guys are troopers. I'm in Camp's league
    What gloves do you guys use?
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    Air temp doesn't matter to me much, but frozen ground pretty well stops the digging.
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