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Thread: Multi Freq in Iron

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    Multi Freq in Iron

    I saw a YouTuber say single frequency is better than simultaneous multi in iron. Is this true?
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    I never run multi-frequency but when I do it's one frequency at a time. - Donnie B. (Deus I user)
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    Quote Originally Posted by OxShoeDrew View Post
    I saw a YouTuber say single frequency is better than simultaneous multi in iron. Is this true?
    it would depend on the type of iron and machine Drew , yes in most cases with average bits and pieces of wrought iron in the soil a machine's processor can more quickly sift through this matrix information with only one frequency but its harmonics are limited and depending on just what that frequency is (very high , low or mid) you may not see significant discrimination through all types of metals or even size of the targets . Although Beach sand which contains iron (black sand) and because of the presence of a lot of salt one frequency machines struggle at best to find anything especially at depth. Two frequency machines also can produce more harmonics ( sort of like sub frequencies) that may help to locate small or metals along the broad range of detection. I also think your "youTuber " maybe right when it came to machines 5 to 15 years ago but not so much with today's higher end machine technology , the processors today are incredibly faster than a few years ago. So I'm not sure I gave you any real answer

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    Deus II has changed the game in iron...I will never use single freqs in iron again
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    Quote Originally Posted by calabash digger View Post
    Deus II has changed the game in iron...I will never use single freqs in iron again
    Very interesting. I'm waiting on the Deus II to come out with the regular headphones. Also need to find a dealer that may give me a discount. I'm not in a hurry.
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    Just my 2 cent piece here, as I'm not so sure about your youtuber. I know when I switched from my single frequency to the CTX3030 it was a game changer in every way. Sure, the single can be somewhat dialed in for conditions, and on some machines like my Minelab frequencies can be changed by swapping a coil which can help finding certain ranges of metal better. But the multi sure puts it to shame. I couldn't count how many times I found masked items because I would see the multiple signals on the screen or hear those slightly hidden peeps, and the fact that I can tune the machine for heavily mineralized soil also makes the difference between good finds or going home disappointed.
    For example, I have a lot of black sand on the beaches I usually hunt and the single would just freak out and give me no signals even on surface targets I could plainly see, while the CTX can easily find small targets like earring backings at a foot or more. This wasn't as effective on saltwater beaches, but that could have been just my inexperience too-although in the surf a salty wave breaking under the coil would probably make any VLF machine lose it's composure. In cases like that it was time to break out the PI machines.
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