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Thread: Big Button Saturday

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    Big Button Saturday

    Got out with Frank yesterday for an all-day hunt. Was up & 4am and on the road to Frank's by 5:15am. Think I got home about 6:30pm & out like a light by 8:30 thanks to Advil PM.

    Lots of ground was covered but the 1st site of the day was the only one that produced. Found these 3 big cloakers right on the lip of the hole. Dug the 1st then got another signal 1/2 a swing aways from the 1st and out popped the 2nd & the 3rd was another 1/2 a swing away. All 3 are the same design, so guessing a coat just rotted away where the buttons were. I remembered that I had found another one just like these 3 years ago at some other site.

    A few more flat buttons appeared at the site along with the thimble. The D ring came from another site.

    This weird lead item looks to either have a dog jumping or perhaps it's an eagle looking left, any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Discovered a few old Cemeteries 1 along the road, where 2 were buried outside of it, which was weird to me.
    Notice how the Husband died 3 days after his wife passed.

    My wife & I went for a walk today & an old house was being worked on, so looked around. Found the marble in the dirt pile.

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    Nice finds. I love finding buttons for some reason. The graveyard is interesting too.
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    What great pictures and finds! The cemetery and the wall remains in the forest look very mystical. Congratulations on this great day! The lead object looks like it depicts an animal being pierced by a lance. I unfortunately do not know the English term for this hunting weapon. In German it is called "Saufeder". Or a somewhat meager representation of the golden fleece? It looks like a lead seal for goods. Are there holes on the edges?
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    Wonderful post! I have an affinity for old graveyards and buttons myself! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks guys! Just to be clear we did not detect the cemeteries. I let the dead rest in peace, as they should.

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    Nice recoveries and love the photos and history. Thx for posting WD
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    Well, you could hunt in your own cemetery... "Rogers Cemetery."
    I remember a partner of mine hunting in one of those old grave yards and after he sent me pics of what he found I texted him a pic of my wife's ring that I put on a plastic skeleton's hand...commenting on his contempt for the resting. Although these days, with permission on a private cemetery, and nobody alive that knew the people, I think detectorists are starting to consider hunting those places.
    Sweet buttons! Does anyone know how many would be on a jacket?
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    Nice finds Rebel! Thanks for posting. The animal looks like a horse to me with its mouth open. I have no idea what it would be for. Love all the pictures!!!
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