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Thread: Double Copper Morning

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    Double Copper Morning

    Hey everyone,
    I had to take this past week off from detecting but started back this morning and thrilled to find I'm starting to make progress on the Deus2. The 1723 Hibernia was at least a foot, with a 9 in coil!!! Digging a foot deep coin is rare! At least for me .
    Those Hibernias seem to always have nice details for being so old. The KG2 wasn't as deep. The Barber dime, lock cover, large leg, and a few buttons were from last week.
    PS Edit- coin getting better last pics
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    Great finds, and congrats on getting that Deus figured out. I suspect you'll really start finding a lot more even in places you thought were detected to death already.
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    That last pic of that Hibernia is awesome! Love it.
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    Wow, what a haul. Beautiful Hibernia
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    Beautiful 300 year old coin Drew! Yep I've slammed a couple of very deep coppers with the D2 as well. Looks like you learning that new machine pretty quickly.
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    Wow Drew a foot down! How was the signal at that depth? The detail is beautiful!
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    Great looking Hibernia Drew , that 9 inch coil is remarkable .

    Quote Originally Posted by The Rebel View Post
    Wow Drew a foot down! How was the signal at that depth? The detail is beautiful!
    The better question is ... did you get a vdi number and was it consistent because with the deus the tone would be good to pretty good
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    Thanks, everyone! Roger, the signal was the kind that starts us drooling. Faint but firm, consistent sound and VDI (91- even at that depth, Dan) from every direction, and the pin pointer located it precisely where the tones said it was. I just remembered, the grass was higher than I wanted it to be, so i couldn't have gotten very close to the surface, which is even more amazing.
    Jeff, I've landed on Deep HC as my go-to deep program. I use 4 tones and notch out 00. The grass grew a lot this week so I might try Relic on this small patch of land. Relic is a pain in that it speaks on every hot rock, pile of manure, slight wind, when I burp, etc but it seems to scream on targets and might be worth it if there are so many old deepies. I have lots to learn but feel hopeful now that I'm headed in the right direction.
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    Double copper day - way to go Drew!

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    That 1723 Hibernia is a thing of beauty, Drew! You did a good job of cleaning it and applying a nice coat of Ren Wax. It will be 300 years old next year! Crazy!

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    I hope you learn the 2 a lot so I can call for help if I ever get one. For now the 1 will have to do me.
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