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Thread: Medieval Spur All Cleaned Up!

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    Medieval Spur All Cleaned Up!

    Hello Friends,
    I was going to do electrolysis on the spur from my recent trip to Germany but upon closer examination I could see shiny under the rust. I realized the spur had been "tinned." Electrolysis would probably cook off all the tin coating, so I opted to soak in rust remover instead. I bought a very gentle, bio-degradable rust remover at Menards and soaked it for 24 hours. I used a small brass brush to remove the remaining rust and I was very happy to see that about 90% of the tinning had survived 500+ years buried in the forest! I especially liked how well the iron buckle is preserved. Too bad the pin is long gone! (I'm not complaining though). Here's the before and after pics. What do you think? Centerpiece in my display case?
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    OMG That's amazing!! How'd you know about "tinning?"
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    Yeah that is center piece worthy for sure! To see so much of the original tinning is amazing.
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    That is awesome!!!
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    That certainly is an amazing restoration. Thx very much for posting as the photo is outstanding. Congrats WD
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