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Thread: A Ring Trifecta!

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    A Ring Trifecta!

    This morning I got up a little early and instead of going to work I decided to hit a popular beach near my work for an hour or so before hand. When I got there I saw 2 other detectorists which was a bit of a surprise. There used to be a rule about 10 years ago that between Memorial Day and Labor Day no one was allowed to metal detect the beach...I always thought that was a dumb rule...well I heard that the they were not enforcing it anymore or got rid of that rule so when I saw the other detectorists I was happy to know that I would not have any issues detecting.

    So I step in the water and first signal was a quarter. Then the next signal was the big Tungsten Ring. I detected the length of the beach and only dug about 5-6 targets and when I headed back in the other direction I went out a little deeper and soon got a clear 23-24 signal. Turned out to be the silver ring. I was not convinced it was silver at first because it was dirty and I could not find a marking. It was not until I took this picture that I saw the 925 on the side. It also states "56"...could that be .56 and could it mean the number of karats of diamonds? I have seen jewelry marked like that before. The stones are dirty but NOT scratched up and the silver is they are not glass. Maybe CZ's? Guess I need to get a tester.

    As I was finishing up I came across a solid 6 and to my surprise I saw a ring in the scoop! Oh what a pretty site that was! I knew it was a good one. Turns out to be a 14k white gold with 9 stones (assuming diamonds).

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    I really do not want to do any work right now!!! I am planning to go out tonight to the silver coin beach site...could be a fun day. Actually it already has been a fun day! If some of you have never done beach detecting I highly recommend is easy and you just never know what you will find.

    Thanks for looking! Jared
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