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Thread: New finds and a wideshot/question about a cufflink I found

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    New finds and a wideshot/question about a cufflink I found

    Hi all,

    Here's a few finds from yesterday evening from a local park a 10 minute drive from me that I've pounded over the years. I crossed posted this on IG also. Tried the Sensitive FT mode on the DEUS II and it sniffed out a few more relics from the old road I've detected on maybe a dozen times. A solid performance and I think this, along with the General Mode will be my go to setting from now on. Nothing spectacular here, but happy with the '64 Indian and an early brass comb of some sort. Also got the '41 Wheat, a standard flat button and a general svc. eagle button that crumbled in my hand - no worries, have several of those. I also wanted to share the wide shot and close-ups of finds from a lost early homesite near my home that has definitely proved detecting-worthy. Some of this I've also shared before, but wanted your take on the small anchor sleeve button (cufflink) at lower right in the last pic. Continental Navy perhaps - or maybe a bit later? Any help is appreciated from the experts out there. Thanks for looking.


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    The lost homesite spot has some great things! That LC is sweet. Not too sure on the age of that anchor cuff. I will see if those are in Alberts book of military buttons….maybe I missed it but I did not see that style in the book.
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    I do like the Sensitive FT program but have only used it sparingly. Thats a lot of keepers for a site 10min from your house!
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    Wow John!!! That would be a decade for me. A flowing hair?? Dang!!! I am not sure if we even have cufflinks in WI, so I cannot help you on that one since I never had to research them. Hope someone has an idea for you. I wouldn't even bother combing my hair if I had to use that thing.
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