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    Buffalo Beach

    Earlier this year I "figured" out a beach site and started to find old coins. I have been back 3 or 4 times and have pulled more old coins but still no jewelry of any type. Below is a pic from my last hunt there and it was a very fun / weird hunt.

    First thing I noticed was another detectorist there in the water. He kept to the deep sandy areas and I went to the rocky / clay bottom area with all the targets. I finally found some jewelry! a small silver chain and an old "G Man" ring that is pretty beat up. It apparently is circa 1930's and is from a radio program about Detectives. The fun and weird part I experienced was that I found 7 buffalo nickels! If I am digging nickels then gold should be there but it has eluded me so far... I am not giving up on it though. Even if I never find a gold ring it is a fun place to detect. I also found a 1951 Canadian silver dime and 9 Wheaties and a small pile of clad.

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    I think I will refer to this place as Buffalo Beach. I have found 12 buffs there so far along with a couple V niks and 8 silver coins.

    Thanks for looking. Jared
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