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    1821 Capped Bust Dime!

    I ran into some guys metal detecting a field about five minutes from my house. My powers of persuasion garnered me an invite to join them. I haven't been out much this summer. Work is getting in my way. However, I have been out enough to figure out that my tried and true custom Pitch Programs from the Deus 1 do not work for me on the Deus 2. I couldn't figure out how to keep the Deus 2 from falsing on nail beds in my Pitch Programs.

    I'm now running my own custom 5 tone programs in Fast, Deep High Conductor and Sensitive with negative discrimination. I can't believe how smooth the Deus 2 runs in Deep High Conductor. My Deus 1 never ran smooth in Deep.

    Yesterday, I found my very first Capped Bust Dime at a depth of at least 8 - 9 inches! Name:  310178164_3297082367193624_3499228921820910290_n.jpg
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Size:  45.9 KBName:  309679562_473541368127225_6448134049137964897_n.jpg
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Size:  48.5 KB I also found my first Classic Head Large Cent and this coin was somewhere between 10 - 12 inches down.Name:  309547868_10221722387512547_399919740038200082_n.jpg
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Size:  63.9 KB Both targets were "whispers" on my custom Deep HC program but good enough to dig. I really can't believe how deep and stable the Deus 2 is and look forward to revisiting old sites in the future. Finally, here's a pic of the guys who couldn't resist my powers of persuasion.Name:  310116798_477975731060454_4474075607759852759_n.jpg
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