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Thread: Happy 13th Birthday, American Detectorist!

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    Happy 13th Birthday, American Detectorist!

    This forum turns thirteen years old today! It was founded on October 21, 2009 by angellionel and Epi-hunter.

    Over the past 13 years we have forged new friendships and have seen countless incredible finds!

    Here's to the die-hards who continue to make this a wonderful forum!
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    Yes, Happy 13th! We are now officially "tweens!"
    Oldest Coin: 100-60 BC Gallic bronze coin (Sequani Tribe)
    Oldest Silver Coin: 1156 hammered Pfennig from (now) Bavaria
    Oldest U.S. coin: 1805 Draped Bust Large Cent
    Best Coins EVER: 1625 4 Sols from Kingdom of Chateau Renaud, France
    1662 15 Kreuzers, Leopold I, Austria
    Best Relics: Bronze Age Arrowheads & Spearhead, 2c Roman silver ring, complete medieval knight's spur (x6)
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    Its doesn't seem that long ago .... I wish we still had everyone who started out on this forum as many now have moved on but some have remained and I'm thankful for that and the "new" ones who have recently found their way here .

    Quote Originally Posted by Full Metal Digger View Post
    Yes, Happy 13th! We are now officially "tweens!"
    I hope you never change or grow up Dave and remember ..... Name:  strong people.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Full Metal Digger View Post
    Yes, Happy 13th! We are now officially "tweens!"
    Haha, teenagers actually. But it's a great milestone to be sure. Love having this forum, seeing everyone's finds, helping identify those unknown items, and even eventually meeting some of you in person to hunt. So here's to great friends!

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    Wow, 13 years! I don't have any 1713 or 1813 coins so buttons will have to do.

    Oldest find: 5,000 year old copper spearhead
    Oldest coin: 1699 William III halfpenny
    Purdiest coin: 1832 Capped Bust quarter
    Coolest find: USA button with blue threads still on shank

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    Congratulations. I look forward to seeing many more interesting relics of American history in this forum. I hope to come over once these times get better. @lodge Scent: What a great photo! Greetings Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lodge Scent View Post
    Wow, 13 years! I don't have any 1713 or 1813 coins so buttons will have to do.
    Coincidently, the other day I was looking for any coins I've found around the time of the War of 1812 and have NONE! I looked up the mintage on 1813 cents and it's under half a million...and I didn't even know it was Queen Anne on British coins in 1713. That leaves 1913. Happy Birthday, AD!
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    Wow! 13 years!! Thanks to all who have kept this site going when other places have gone belly up!
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    WTG on lucky #13!
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    Happy birthday!!!

    Excellent forum.

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    Happy belated birthday! Yes, I have been a slacker....
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