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    1/2 Real

    Yesterday, I'm swinging for the fences toward the end of my hunt, two fields out from the cellar hole, the ground was covered with leaves, it was windy, it was raining, and I wasn't wearing headphones
    The D2 (Deep HC stock, sens 95) heard the real real clear at 6in.
    Even with all that noise, the reason the deepies come through is because the D2 is otherwise completely silent.
    The four cuff buttons at bottom were all from the same shirt!
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    Good work there Drew! Nice bit of shiney stuff. Always cool to find a group of buttons.
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    Great coin and I like the cloak clasp too.

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    Thanks, fellas...I was going to ask what that thing was
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    Sometimes I am so envious of you guys in New England!

    Wonderful finds, Drew! That 1770 Half Real is a beauty!

    All of these raves about the D2 are giving me a lot to think about!
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    WTG Drew on the Colonial Spanish Silver! Been a longtime since I've seen one dug.
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    What a sweet little silver...great condition and a clear date! Congrats on all the finds.
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    Very nice!
    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
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    Congrats! I'm with Del. Love the cloak clasp!
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    WTG!!! Terrific hunt!

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