After playing with Park mode for a while (and even Beach Sensitive), I went back to Deep HC on Sunday's hunt. Not nearly as cool as Drew's coin purse find, but I had a very similar scenario. I got a hit that screamed iron but also a decent peep of an 88 to 99 tone ( I was using 5 tones). The XY screen also showed a small forward slash when I hit the target at certain angles. I'm thinking iron and a copper. Sure enough, dug the hole and out came that crusty nail. Stuck the pinpointer back in and out came the copper. What really impressed me was that I had the Reactivity set at 0.5 and it was still able to get some separation on those comingled targets.

Nail and copper

I could not get an ID from the copper. I actually thought it might have been a toasted William & Mary. But what I have been using on the unidentifiable coppers lately is a sanding block. Sounds extreme but if you use it gently use even pressure and just burnish the coin, you can often get an ID. I've gone through my pile of unidentifiable coppers and using this method I have managed to ID a couple of hidden KGs, a DB, Matrons and even a MA copper.

Sanding block - use the 180 Fine

KGII. I even got a date (1737).