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Thread: Brooch Date

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    Thanks fellas! Great info! Coincidentally, I found a tombac today (pictured), this one rang up high 50s at 7in and solid 60 out of the ground. They always crack like that...I cleaned that one spot, which really looks like the metal in the brooch but rings up very differently. So Dave, you're right, ours must be from England...and that's why I believe the brooch is some type of bronzy silver as it rang up at 87.
    Dan, it was on the banner years ago. Thanks!!
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    Quick question. On the last photo with the ruler, does it look like some kind of marking or inscription at the 1:00 position?
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    Very interesting find. Unfortunately it has no decoration otherwise it would be easier to date it. Here in Germany I would date such a ring buckle also to the 13th century. You find really exciting things! The brooch from Quebec even has a mark. Does yours have something like that under the layers of dirt?

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    Thank you, everyone! No, Chris, nothing written on back. It does look like though in the pic.
    Menzi, maybe you were looking at the back, it does have some decoration on it. Here is the front-
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