Got out for a couple of hours this morning before the rains came. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but once again I went to an another old worn out site that hasn't given up hardly anything in years. Once again General in Full Tones sniffed out a dozen or so nonferrous targets. Most were iron-masked but when that mid tone bleeds through, there is a good target in the hole with the iron. With Sensitivity set to 98 and Reactivity at 1.5, it also hits very deep. One of those tiny buttons was at least 8" deep. The big tombac was deeper than my pinpointer. I also dug a few very small bits of lead that my pinpointer wouldn't even sound off on. I had to hold handfulls of dirt over the coil. Once again the falsing is annoying and my brain tunes it out and I have to believe that I am leaving iron-masked high conductors in the ground. But once XP fixes that I will be hitting all those tired worn out sites once again. But for now, General FT is a beast on the mid conductors.