The D2 is so customizable, it just isn't healthy for an inveterate settings tweaker like me to use one. Tried something different today and managed to sniff out another handfull of nonferrous items. Nothing spectacular but the fact that I can still squeeze some goodies out of these sites is rewarding. I stuck with General but instead of Full Tones I used a 5 Tone set up with High Square tones. I set up the tone buckets to amplify 88 to 99. My goal was to find at least 1 high conductor from this pounded site. It took a while but I finally heard a soft flutey high tone bouncing around in the low to mid 90's. It was that dandy button in the second pic. It was deep. I was running a reactivity of "0". With Disc at 6.8 and Silencer at 2, the falsing wasn't bad. I was amazed that even at a Reactivity of 0, it was able to find a couple of buttons that had iron in the hole with them. I dug a big pewter button about 20 feet from where I found a USA button many years back. Had my heart pumping hard for a minute.

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The dandy made me work for it.