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Thread: Pickked this little pistol up today.

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    Pickked this little pistol up today.

    I bought this little pin fire pistol along with a James Ray Savannah blob top bottle and a 1930s Savannah transit token at a small shop in Thomasville, Georgia. yesterday. I don't know much about the pistol and was hoping someone here could tell me more about it. Best bore measurement I can get with my calipers is about 7-8mm. It has a 3.75" barrel and the 6 shot cylinder is 1" long.On the right side of the pistol, in front of the cylinder is a small hole with a retaining screw in one end, possibly for a cartridge case ejector. But, I have heard that some of these guns were set up with a small bayonet. I can find no markings on the gun other than scroll work designs. The trigger folds up against the frame and that is all I know about it.
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