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    What is it?

    Hi all,

    They started the tearout around the brewery this week and so far they only took out the concrete curbs on one side of the street leaving about a 24" wide trench. I tried detecting it last night after work since I saw some 100 year old bricks laying around the bottom. But I was only able to detect about 2/3 of it since one end has horrid EMI from the underground power lines and power control room adjacent to the trench.
    Despite this I found a lot of trash including some old building spikes and electrical switch parts, and of course the pepsi cans the builders buried when putting in the old curbs. But I did find one relic I'm never seen before and I hope someone can help identify it. It looks like a drawer pull made of copper/red brass, and has a fancy design on the knob which is nearly half dollar size in diameter. But the shaft is not that of a drawer pull. It's longer than any pull would have, stepped, and has a square shape at the end sort of like a valve wheel.
    The design seems very unusual. The center has a 6 point star with diamonds at the points, and between each point is a Fleur De Lis

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