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Thread: Happy 14th Birthday to American Detectorist!

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    Happy 14th Birthday to American Detectorist!

    We have survived another year!

    This forum was founded on October 21, 2009 by angellionel and Epi-hunter.

    In an age where forums are regularly disappearing due to Facebook and other social media, we have managed to stay relevant thanks to loyal members like you!

    We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who posts here! We love hearing your stories and seeing your finds.

    Here's to many more years of the American Detectorist forum!

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    Wow, 14 years! I got started in the hobby 13 years ago. Love this place!
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    Tony's sentiments are spot on , American Detectorist wouldn't of lasted this long without some very dedicated and close people who not only come here to share their finds ,time but bits of their life and story with us as well .
    Thank you !

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    We're angsty teens!! It sure has been fun! Such strong fellowship! Thanks to all the volunteers, members, teachers,'s to another 14
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    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for keeping track of these, Tony. I think Del is the only original member who still contributes. His "Join Date" is Oct 2009. Is there anyone else from Oct 2009 still on here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Full Metal Digger View Post
    Is there anyone else from Oct 2009 still on here?
    SeaBeeRon is the only other member from October 2009 who still posts here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Two-Cent View Post
    SeaBeeRon is the only other member from October 2009 who still posts here!
    Thanks Tony! I do more reading than posting these days. Give my best to Angi and Angel and Happy Anniversary even if I am a few days late!
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