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Thread: Nokta AccuPoint Pinpointer

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    Nokta AccuPoint Pinpointer

    Hi all,

    I bought the Nokta Accupoint pinpointer and it came on Saturday. Tested it out yesterday and here is my review of it. For the record, I do like my Garrett Carrot, but the falsing on it when I set it down has started to annoy me.

    1. It has 9 settings as far as sensitivity. I had it on 8 of 9 (almost all the way sensitive). I found it to be very accurate and thought I could find items a bit easier than with the carrot. I will test it on 9 of 9 against the carrots highest setting with actual deep targets in the ground when I get on those barely audible signals.

    2. Has the same settings as carrot with vibrate, vibrate/noise or just noise. It is loud (I didn't play with the volume yet for I mostly used in vibrate mode).

    3. this is why I bought it and frankly it is a bit weird. I don't get into too many square nails in WI like you guys out East/South, but this pinpointer does discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous. I thought it would be great to have for when you get the bent nail or a deeper square nail that sounds like a penny signal. Here is the good and bad. When you cut the plug and have the discrimination on, it is a bit frustrating when you cannot find the darn signal. It is a bit of a different signal and I am still learning this, so I am assuming that once I get the hang of it, I will like it more and more.

    4. No falsing and that was worth the money to me.

    Will be using this the next few hunts. I think the price tag was $140.00. Will give you more thoughts in a few weeks.

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    Thanks, interesting. I've have my own issues with pin pointers. I've tried many, lost one, found one a different perspective is helpful to me. Look forward to your next post on this issue.
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