Sometimes the internet is wonderful. I obtained this information from a Radio Premiums Facebook group that I belong to.

I found this ring with my metal detector about 40 years ago. I even remember where I found it, it was in the back yard of my girlfriend's grandparent's yard. I had no idea what the ring was, I just kept it because it is sterling silver.

Turns out it's the very first radio premium ring ever!

The radio show was sponsored by Wrigley's Chewing Gum and they offered the ring as a premium in 1932-1933. You had to send in 35 Wampum (empty packs of gum) to Chief Wolf Paw to get your ring. Each pack of gum was 5 cents so the sterling silver ring actually cost you $1.75. I'm sure resourceful kids probably retrieved empty gum packs from trash cans.

It turns out this ring is somewhat scarce and has some value. I'm glad I saved it all these years!

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