Hello everyone!

I know it's early in the year yet but with our recent thaw I'm starting to think about spring hunts already. But what I was also thinking about was what I would hope to find this year that would set this year apart from the rest. Last year I didn't get out nearly as much as I would have hoped, but I did manage a bucket lister-sort of a double hitter at that. I got my first old Chinese coin like many others I know in the Midwest have found, and in doing so I also broke into the 1700s for the first time. Although I would have preferred it to be a 1700s American coin, or even a Spanish Real, I was still thrilled.

My hope for the next year is to scratch a few off the the 'ol bucket list. This includes a 2 cent piece, a trime, and maybe a seated quarter. Again, on the "fantasy finds" list would be the ever elusive 20 cent piece and a gold coin (or gold hoard?).

So what's on everyone else's list for 2024?