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Thread: A couple of finds from Sept UK

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    A couple of finds from Sept UK

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Size:  55.5 KB I had an excellent hunt in Colchester this past September and scored my first gold coin 1672 Charles 1/2 guinea and a Gold and enamel posey ring from about 1650. the inscription reads " I am But a Token" and it's a corker of a ring. I did well with other "normal" finds as well but these were the best of it. I found the ring with the manticore and the coin with the D2. Both were easy targets. Ring hit at 21 and the coin was 74.
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    Holy cow, those are the finds dreams are made of! Congrats on an incredible hunt! I don't know which find I would love the most, but believe it or not I think the ring is probably one of the most amazing single detecting finds I have ever seen.
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    Was wondering when you were gonna show up and post these are still in the UK or have they released them to you?
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    That ring is incredible! And a gold coin! Yeah you did alright.
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    Quote Originally Posted by del View Post
    Was wondering when you were gonna show up and post these are still in the UK or have they released them to you?
    The coin and ring finds are still with the British Museum. It may take a year or two for those. The rest of my pouch will come home with me in March. I probably will lose the Ring as they have already expressed an interest in obtaining it. The problem is that it is a very early example of a enameled Gold Posey Ring in excellent condition. We are pretty sure that it came out of the moat around the estate house when it was cleaned out 15 years ago. The coin I will most likely get back and just have to pay the land owner his share. If the BM purchases the ring I get half the money and the landowner gets half. They think its worth around 7000 pounds. Independant appraisers determine the value. If they are going to buy it then I want a high number and if not then I want a low number because I have to pay half.
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    Excellent finds Todd. That ring is an absolute stoker!
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    That ring is absolutely beautiful. The stories it could tell.

    Looking forward to updates on it.
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