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Thread: Any Ideas?

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    Any Ideas?

    Got this out relic hunting yesteryday. Site dates from 1880s to 1920s. Any ideas?
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    Re: Any Ideas?

    I've never seen nothing like it lol Usually you can guess on how it is used, but I'm coming up blank But I wouldn't scrap it.
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    Re: Any Ideas?

    Howdy Pardner!
    Looks like a door handle to me.
    Butt plate afixes to a door with 2 screws, handle to pull the door open.
    Then again, could the handle on something you'd carry.

    Interesting piece, that' much I'll say with certainty!

    Much can be deduced by knowing where you found it.
    Was there an old homestead there?

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    Re: Any Ideas?

    What are the measurements? Good thing to do with gaining help ID'ing a piece is to have a coin or even a ruler in the photo for comparison thumbsup01

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    Re: Any Ideas?

    Mount to a wall and use as a note holder
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    Re: Any Ideas?

    Cheesy money clip..?
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    Re: Any Ideas?

    it almost looks like a very old electrical contact of some sort .
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    Re: Any Ideas?

    Sorry I havent replied. I will try and get some measurements or better pics showing the size tonight. Thanks for the replys

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    Re: Any Ideas?

    looks like part of some kind of clip or fastener of some sort
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    Re: Any Ideas?

    Looks like it could be a letter holder, the kind that screws to a door or door jamb.

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