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Thread: Some Goodies from 2009!

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    Some Goodies from 2009!

    Howdy Folks!
    Here are some of the goodies I found in 2009.
    Mostly, I was trying to figure out how to properly post a video, and saw some discussion on the forum regarding that very topic. So I thought I'd try it out to see if it works. One suggestion was to do an attach of the video file, but that don't work either. however, just inserting the video link worked well, so I guess that's settled.

    2009 janmar


    Quarters = 123
    Nickels = 60
    Dimes = 104
    Pennies = 246
    Half Dollars =
    Dollar Coins = 3
    Total Coins = 535
    Gold Sale 2/5/13 = $25.50
    YTD = $73.21

    Its Going to be a Shpadoinkle Day!

    Gunning for Gold!

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    Re: Some Goodies from 2009!

    Nice bunch of finds Mel I bet they are all melted and reworked into new jewelry for you to find again lol Some nice stuff thumbsup01
    Finding relics is in my blood

    GPX 5000, CTX 3030, E Trac, Vista Gold

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