The classifieds section is provided as a service for established members of the American Detectorist forum to buy, sell, and trade personal detecting-related items. Please remember that the ability to post items in the classifieds section of the American Detectorist forum is a privilege, not a right. The moderation team reserves the right to disallow posts from, and/or take further action against, users who abuse this privilege. NO DEALER POSTS ARE ALLOWED UNLESS MEMBER IS A SPONSOR OF THE AMERICAN DETECTORIST FORUM. All other such posts will be removed. Sponsors of the forum may use this section to post advertisements.

The following rules apply to forum members (non-sponsors).


1) Members make use of the classifieds section at their own risk. Administrators and moderators of this forum will not be held liable for any issues that may arise from use of this section. Please use good judgement and caution when buying or selling items. Member's use of the classifieds section will indicate acknowledgement and acceptance of this notice.

2) Members must have at least 25 posts to their credit and must be a member in good standing for no less than 35 days before posting items for sale or trade. If you do not meet these criteria, please do NOT post; contact an administrator with any questions BEFORE posting. Exceptions to this rule will be at the discretion of the administrators.

3) Only metal detectors and/or items directly related to metal detecting can be posted for sale or trade.

4) Only two 'for sale' or 'for trade' posts by any one member will be allowed in any four week period. Exceptions to this rule will be at the discretion of the administrators.

5) The classifieds section is not intended to be used as an auction board. No auction style posts are allowed. No links to eBay or other online auctions or classified forums are allowed.

6) The price of the item(s) must be clearly noted in the ad. On items posted for trade, an approximate value should be indicated.

7) The item(s) being listed for sale or trade must be owned by, and in the possession of, the member who posts the listing.

8) Replies to 'for sale' or 'for trade' posts should be made only by persons interested in the item listed and should be directly related to the item listed.

9) Include whether you should be contacted via private message, e-mail, or a reply to the post. Please do not publicly post phone numbers and addresses! It's fine to provide those via private message however.

10) Editing original posts to add additional items is not permitted without moderator or admin approval. Such edits will be removed.

11) Fully disclose all aspects of your item's condition and appearance likely to influence its intended usage and/or market value. This includes superficial and/or aesthetic issues.

12) Photographs should be of the actual item(s) posted for sale.

13) When a sale or trade has been completed, please send a private message to one of the moderators to have the thread closed and removed.

While it is realized that unintended violations of the above rules can occur, willful and repeated violations of these rules will not be tolerated and will be cause for denying violators further access to the classified section.

Thank you for your diligent adherence to these rules.

(Rules amended June 17, 2011)