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Thread: My Feb Finds

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    My Feb Finds

    Howdy diggers,

    Here is the video of my Feb finds. I got a few goodies this month!

    My Feb 2011 some goodies!
    Oldest Coin: 100-60 BC Gallic bronze coin (Sequani Tribe)
    Oldest Silver Coin: 1156 hammered Pfennig from (now) Bavaria
    Oldest U.S. coin: 1805 Draped Bust Large Cent
    Best Coins EVER: 1625 4 Sols from Kingdom of Chateau Renaud, France
    1662 15 Kreuzers, Leopold I, Austria
    Best Relics: Bronze Age Arrowheads & Spearhead, 2c Roman silver ring, complete medieval knight's spur (x6)
    YouTube Channel: Full Metal Digger

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    Re: My Feb Finds

    Nice finds & cool video !
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    Re: My Feb Finds

    Congrats on the finds and I enjoyed Your Video !!
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    Re: My Feb Finds

    I like the video! Thanks for sharing. happydance02
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    Re: My Feb Finds

    Congrats you had some super hunts,Great Video thumbsup01,thank you for sharing,Dave
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    Re: My Feb Finds

    Nice of you to reward your people with one of your finds!!! Keep up the good finds. 8)

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    Re: My Feb Finds

    Great video and great finds Digger!!!
    I can only please one person per day,,,today is not your day,,,tomorrow isn't looking good either.

    2011 silver coins> 18,,,,13 IH,,,,2 V nickels,,,2 Shield nickels
    2010 silver coins >4,,,,the year that wasn't
    2009 silver coins> 77> 49 IHs> 15 V nickels>9 Buffs

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    Re: My Feb Finds

    Excellent month of hunting...Enjoyed the vid!! thanks for dragging us along...

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