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Thread: Trouble posting video again

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    Trouble posting video again

    Anyone else had you tube stop uploading with the message do to unknown error Been trying all week for one video as much as I would love to do some videos dont think its worth it >:

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    Re: Trouble posting video again

    I draw works every time lol Maybe they are just having issues Give it another couple of days and try it again.
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    Re: Trouble posting video again

    Does your vid match in size and time max.? Just a suggestion....

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    Re: Trouble posting video again

    I have tried all sizes

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    Re: Trouble posting video again

    I've had that problem before too. I'm not totally sure why It seems the later in the evening that I try to load it the faster it loads. I'm not sure if it really has anything to do with it or not. I've never re-sized a video. One night it took me 32 tries to load one and the 33rd try it loaded and if I remember correctly it loaded almost as fast or faster than any video ever loaded for me before. lol
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    Re: Trouble posting video again

    New firewall or antivirus? May be there is only one setting faulty.

    Can you post the link to your channel?

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    Re: Trouble posting video again

    It will upload about 75% of the video and the stop do to a unknown error tried all sizes I had some ideas to try with a video contests but not worth the time

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