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Thread: DIY: DeLeon modification to real 12Volt rechargeable

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    DIY: DeLeon modification to real 12Volt rechargeable

    Some time ago I got rid of the 9.6 Volt when using rechargeable batteries in the DeLeon. Even with fully charged batteries the meter showed a half bar only in battery test.

    So I decided to put in a battery holder for 10x 1.2 Volt (12 Volt) NiMH AA sized rechargeable batteries. The hardest thing to get was a housing where to put in the holder, which I got from a hardware store including a set of tools. lol

    Disassembling the stock armrest/battery housing is very easy and done in two minutes.

    The rest was only the paint job on the new housing; to assemble all the things; little soldering and adding the detector-stand.

    And if I decide to use 8x 1.5 Volt (12 Volt) AA alkaline batteries, I can still use a battery holder for 8 AA's.

    In conclusion all is done very easy without any modifications to the electronics.

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