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Thread: Tesoro Warranty and Service.

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    Tesoro Warranty and Service.

    Just got my Conquistador back from Tesoro where they installed a new coil and recalibrated everything for Free. Thank you Tesoro, Rusty Henry, and Carl. Their warranty is the real deal. My detector is operating better than new. Way to go Tesoro!!!

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    Re: Tesoro Warranty and Service.

    It's always nice to hear that a manufacturer stands behind their product And nice to know they appreciate their loyal following. Take it from US car manufacturers.. don't take your market share for granted. Glad it's back, now how long before you get to use it??
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    Re: Tesoro Warranty and Service.

    I have heard nothing but positive things about Tesoro's warranty and customer service. Glad to hear that is still the case. thumbsup01
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    Re: Tesoro Warranty and Service.

    I had an experience with their service about a year ago. My Compadre speaker quit working, luckily it would work with the headphones. I contacted Tesoro and they instructed me on how to return it. 1 week later it was back, working like a champ. Their service dept rates very well with me.

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