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Thread: Vaquero or Tejon

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    Vaquero or Tejon

    Well, I know I want a new Tesoro, But cant decide between these two. What are the advantages and disadvantages between the two. As for what I hunt for, I hunt for anything thats in the ground.

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    Re: Vaquero or Tejon

    I've owned my Vaquero for about a year now and use it constantly. By the way I also own an Etrac, Sovereign GT and a Whites MXT. I use the MXT a lot as well. That little V is an outstanding MD. I posted a few videos on how I use it. They may help you in your decision. Go to YouTube and type '53Silver in the search field. All of my videos have '53Silver in the title.

    Vaquero, Compadre, MXT, Sovereign GT, Surf Dual Field PI

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    Re: Vaquero or Tejon

    To late, Iv already seen your video's I love YouTube. But now I know who you are. <}

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