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Thread: E-Trac User Settings And Programs

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    Re: E-Trac User Settings And Programs

    Thanks for posting these settings. I use them as you have them except for the audio response i leave at normal instead of long. They work great for me.
    Now i just need to find a nice park full of silver so i can beat these settings to death!
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    Re: E-Trac User Settings And Programs

    angel', thanks for posting this!!!
    new Etrac owners like myself appreciate the info.
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    Re: E-Trac User Settings And Programs

    Great info angellionel
    I will apply it as soon as i get my E-Trac at the end of this month.
    Cant wait to swing it ::

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    I have the Andy s program and the settings what does Angels screen look like I know it is different from angels pattern thanks for the help!!

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