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Thread: Method To Remove Sulfide From Silver

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    Re: Method To Remove Sulfide From Silver

    I like your cleaning method, I'll give it a try if I ever find any silver as bad as yours was.. Great looking coin
    Today is my day

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    Re: Method To Remove Sulfide From Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by coinnut View Post
    Ouch, I hope they are common date ones. Don't do that to a rarer one though, it will diminish the value to just about scrap value. We used to also use baking soda in a water paste. That works good to, but also brought the value to scrap Now I just rince them and leave them for sometime in the future, when hopefully I get better at cleaning
    Nope,,,would NEVER do that with a key date coin,,,I just like the way they come out

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    Re: Method To Remove Sulfide From Silver

    thats amazing . what a novel idea . cant wait to try it
    im an american proud and free, a son of the south dont tread on me

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    Re: Method To Remove Sulfide From Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by angellionel link=topic=813.msg10369#msg10369 date=1264822785
    This evening I took some time to remove the sulfide covering the 1892-S quarter I found last week. I used a method I have tried over the years on heavily tarnished silver coins, and it has worked quite well.

    Here is the quarter before and after removing the sulfide.

    I just couldn't stand seeing the coin's beauty being hidden by the ugly tarnish.

    Finally, a coin I can admire. Nothing more to do but store it.

    Here is the the method I used:

    Needed: Baking soda, distilled water, aluminum foil, and a glass dish.

    Boil the water. Line the inside of the dish with the aluminum foil, shiny side up, and lay the coin on it. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of boiled water. Mix in well. Now slowly pour the water into the dish, making sure the coin is fully submerged. Allow the coin to soak for 10 minutes. Remove the coin and under running water use the softest toothbrush you can find to lightly brush the coin. Avoid rubbing the coin with your fingers. Much of the sulfide will come off, but there may be some remnant depending on how heavily the coin is tarnished.

    The above procedure may have to be repeated several times to fully remove the heavy sulfide from the coin. Wash the cleaned coin with distilled water and pat dry with a cotton towel. Avoid any rubbing motion!

    Again, it might take several tries on a heavily tarnished coin, but the method does work well. It does not make the coin 'shiny' allowing it to retain its 'aged' look.

    Hi Angel, Thanks for the info! I tried it on some common date filthy silvers and had fantastic luck also,you proved that my method was correct! Thanks again and best of luck this season! HH.....

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    Re: Method To Remove Sulfide From Silver

    I clean all my silver coins in the ammonia.
    Works great.

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    Here is an easy trick to clean silver coins once they have been cleaned of all residue. Simply make a thick paste of common baking soda. Then add a dab of the paste to a cotton rag and apply to the surface, baring down hard in circular motions. Rince and repeat until you are pleased. This non-invasive method will not harm the surface in any manner, but will clean the surface.

    Best to all,


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