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Thread: Ye Olde Relic Hunter's Resource Guide

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    Ye Olde Relic Hunter's Resource Guide

    Below is a list of various links to help in researching items , they are invaluable to the new hobbyist as well as the experienced detectorist .

    Button links:
    Common Backmark Makers
    BUTTON BACKMARK INFORMATION | mizzeliz – working for you..

    Common Backmark Makers II
    The Website
    Buttons 2 | BC&A (

    American Military Buttons

    Jacksonian Buttons

    British Button Makers

    British Military Buttons

    British Military buttons Ayl7DUZ1EUu7Y6n5eH1IOjf6XT7SLG7Ca8

    Revolutionary War Buttons reference

    War of 1812 era buttons and military accoutrements

    War of 1812 Button Examples

    Spanish Military Buttons

    George Washington Inaugural buttons

    George Washington Inaugural Buttons
    listing of Revolutionary War era Military Buttons

    George Washington Inaugural button
    rarity , composition and variety info

    Waterbury buttons info

    Rail Road & Transportation Uniform Buttons

    Colonial Era Cufflink Buttons Info
    Linked Buttons.pdf (

    Livery Buttons
    Livery Buttons – Heraldic Themed Buttons from Across the World, specific to individual genteel, aristocratic and noble families.

    Livery (

    Button and Badge makers British & Others

    Coins and Tokens links:
    Coin Grading Help Resource

    Coin Facts

    Colonial Coins that may have circulated in early America

    Early Large Cents Reference

    Connecticut Coppers an introduction (in pdf file)

    Machin Mill's Counterfeit Coins
    New York – Machin’s Mills – 1747 - 1788 - APMEX

    British Coin Types throughout history

    Chinese Cash Coin Dating Information and variety look up


    Counterstamped Coins and Tokens (data base list)
    Complete List of Merchant Countermarked, Counterstamped Coins: D-I (

    Richard's Token Database

    Hardtimes Tokens Information

    Hardtimes Token Pictures and Information

    Presidential campaign tokens

    Civil war tokens

    Saloon Tokens by State and info

    Patriotic & Store Card Tokens

    Spanish Reales info

    Spanish Pistareens info

    1787 Fugio Penny I.D. Guide

    Roman Coin Attribute Id help page

    Counterfeit coins Information
    Contemporary British Colonial counterfeits

    Capped Bust Half Dollar counterfeits

    Fake Cobs

    Buckle Links Info
    History about Buckles and Aid in determining Age (up to the Federal Era )

    Similar buckle information as above

    Shoe Buckle & Knee Buckle reference on age

    Buckle Types and Dates Info
    Whitehead PDF file book with 124 pages and photos
    buckles.pdf | DocDroid

    Colonial Buckle Info

    Colonial shirt buckles eqUlUnRInrVRWAK7S6N68gs1do

    American Military references

    Hat , Shoulder and Belt plates

    Civil War bullet identification reference

    Civil War bullet and projectile identification guide
    (you type in the bullets characteristics and it finds the closest matches)

    Civil war era buckles and plates info

    U.S. Military plates and insignias


    Crotal Bell links:
    Musket , Fowler , Long Rife (parts reference , trigger guards , sideplates ect.

    Shotgun shell Identification

    Gemstone Identification

    Hobo Nickel Society
    Latten Spoons , Pewter marks and Spoons

    Base Metal Spoons

    Silver Hallmarks

    Silver Marks & Maker Names

    Silversmiths (American) list in Alphabetical order

    British Silversmiths by city then alphabetical order

    British gold/silversmiths Sehd44R2nlguqwASbhYu3FkBmL9vIFDiqNsOlI4LY

    Silver Utensils Flatware and Hallmarks

    Silversmith directory

    pseudo silver British marks
    Pseudo Hallmarks on British Silverplate (

    Silver Thimble marks


    Glass & Bottles links :

    Old Glass Bottle Identification marks and Information

    Glass bottle marks

    Old Bottle Identification & type reference
    Native American Items

    Trade axes , Tomahawks , Hatchets

    North American Arrowhead points

    Projectile points Info

    Stone points ID Help

    Railroad items

    Railroad Items and Collectables

    Railroad Locks

    Padlocks of all Kinds

    Clay Pipes

    Guide to identify antique spectacles

    Horse Brass , Flashers , Swingers and Terrets information

    Powder Flask Types

    Miscellaneous harness buckles , crotals animal needs of the late 1800's era (PDF file)

    Lead Bale seal info
    Examining Lead Seals and their Fascinating History (

    Trade Weights
    weights (


    Relic Restorers & Miscellaneous Contacts

    Leonard Short (Does great restoration work on relics of all kinds)

    Hallowed Ground Restorations

    Roland Frodigh

    lead bag & bale seals

    Jewelry links

    Antique Jewelers marks

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    Re: Ye olde Relic Hunters Resource Guide

    Thank you Dan! thumbsup01
    Oldest silver-- 1838o seated dime (no stars)
    Oldest copper-- 1820 LC

    White's V3i, Coinmaster, XLT, Prism IV, Whites new TRX PP- Love it!!! Garretts PP

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