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Thread: From the Depths with the E-Trac Vol I

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    From the Depths with the E-Trac Vol I

    What an incredible day. I found 2 silver rings, one at 7“, and 14 coins. Around half of them were 7” – 8” deep. Before today the deepest coin I had ever found was around 7” or 8” and that was 1! The amazing thing was that all of the deep coins but one, were smaller sized and NOT silver. I can only imagine how good the E-Trac will do on deep silver. As you’ll see in the video the deep signals were not super clear but came across ok. They sounded deep. Lots of signals for the most part and a 6X8 SEF coil would be good here.

    The ground where I hunted was saturated with water and I did dig a little iron but knew the sound/screen was iffy, didn’t really fool me but twice, one was a larger nail. The ground is muddy, quite often here, and I wonder if there is much of a halo effect on the coins? I did get fooled by small shallow items a few times as the target was jumping on the screen and I really thought that that along with the deep meter would mean deep, but it isn’t certain. Any suggestions?

    With sensitivity on auto it hovered around 24 - 29 or so most of the day and half the time I was at 30 in manual. Deep on, Fast on, Soil Difficult (then switched to neutral and think it helped), trash density high (and played with low), audio response normal. The noise cancelling channels were all over the place. I think it selected 1, 2, 7, 9 and 10. Do you guys trust which one it selects or do you have a favorite for certain soils? (There is no real EMI where I hunted)

    I edited the video to show less of the digging part. 5 targets in 11 minutes. I got pretty good screen shots along with the sounds so you can see/here what I was. Hope you enjoy and please give suggestions as to both the video as well as my settings as I’m new to this machine, was only my 3rd hunt. (The ground is very mild but has iron mineralization. Some spots are really trashy and others not so much, the latter is mostly where the deepies came from.) The oldest coin was 1891…

    Thanks and Enjoy,

    From the Depths with the E Trac Vol I

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    Re: From the Depths with the E-Trac Vol I

    Great job on the video and cool finds . |

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    Re: From the Depths with the E-Trac Vol I

    Nice video... :->

    ..You will make me want an E Trac <} for my next detector...

    Daniel <
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