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Thread: New Banner Formats

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    New Banner Formats

    We are currently testing some new ways to display the finds banner. We have somewhat outgrown the old process as we now have many more members making great finds and we need to add space. We also will be implementing a process where finds will be added to the banner soon after they are posted, rather than changing all of them every two weeks as a batch.

    Angel has programmed the banner to scroll slowly from two directions (stopping when the mouse is hovered over a find, and still with a clickable link to the thread). He is leaving this up for now as a test. We will be testing other ways to display the banner during the next few days as well.

    We very much welcome your feedback and comments about these changes. Thank you!

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    Re: New Banner Formats

    Please don't be hesitate to voice your opinion! Member comments and opinions will be valuable in assisting us during this banner testing process. We look forward to your input.

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    Re: New Banner Formats

    IMHO... I think it needs to move a little faster....
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    Re: New Banner Formats

    What about a slideshow?? One picture at a time, a few seconds per picture?? Maybe a larger picture? Just a thought. Thanks for your time. thumbsup01
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    Re: New Banner Formats

    Good work! |
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