We are now testing another banner for displaying member finds. This particular banner is an improvement from the first one we tested a few days ago.

[list type=decimal]
[li]While this banner is also in the form of a marquee, the images in this banner will be randomized when a page is refreshed or when navigating the forum, thus allowing for all images to be displayed.[/li]
[li]The scrolling banner is continuous.[/li]
[li]As is the case with the original forum banner, each image is clickable and will open the thread where the find was posted.[/li]
[li]The images are larger than those displayed on the original forum banner.[/li]
[li]The banner can be advanced left or right while hovering the mouse cursor over the images.[/li]
[li]The banner has been tested using six different browsers.[/li][/list]

The banner is comprised of three parts, each containing 8 images, for a total of 24. The third banner has slots open waiting for new finds to add. Until then the space is filled with a placeholder.

Hopefully this new banner will work out. Please let us know if you experience any problems during the test phase. We would also appreciate any input, comments and/or suggestions you may have.

Thank you.