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Thread: American Detectorist member help is needed

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    American Detectorist member help is needed

    To this point, the staff have been picking the best item in each of three categories to be highlighted as Best Coin, Best Relic and Best Jewelry find of the month. Winners of the awards are announced here at the beginning of each new month. 2011 winners can be viewed here.

    In the past, a list of potential finds were grouped together in a poll and each member of the staff placed votes for the item most worthy of the awards for the month.

    Moving forward, we would like to involve the entire American Detectorist community in this process. Giving every registered member an opportunity to help decide which Coin, Relic and Jewelry item will receive the awards for each month.

    Stay tuned for more details.

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    Re: American Detectorist member help is needed

    Like the US, we're a republic...not a democracy. lol
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