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Thread: Night detecting

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    Re: Night detecting

    I've done an overnight hunt in a wooded area, and I must admit I probably won't do it again lol I spent more time looking over my shoulder wondering when the pack of coyotes were gonna get me I only had one side of the headphones on. My haul for the night? CLAD!!! rofl I don't recommend night hunting unless it is the only time you can do it. It can be hazardous to your health if you are in the wrong area, plus accidents can happen in the dark even from the police.
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    Re: Night detecting

    Quote Originally Posted by Pona link=topic=9366.msg141578#msg141578 date=1369395425
    *Edit* having re read the original posters forum name, clearly my suggestion is irelevant rofl
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    Re: Night detecting

    Always use a red or green flashlight, your eyes adjust faster. A regular white flashlight will just about blind you and it takes an average of 30 minutes for your eyes to readjust to darkness after turning the light off. If you go to my YouTube page I did a video at night and showed some things I use to hunt. YouTube/kshollywood. I think the title is night hunt.

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    in the heat here in the deep south I like to do night hunts on the properties that I have permission to hunt . be sure to let your owner know that u want to do this so no one is alarmed and I wouldn't suggest this activity anywhere except a rual area because of all the folks that might call the po/po on night temps for me in summer are just right I Velcro a flashlight to my rod and hit the woods. always let a family member know where u are and keep a closer eye out for snakes.

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    I make sure I always have some trash in my pouch when I hunt parks, that way if anyone says anything I can show them all the trash I am picking up it usually shuts them up. I had a Town Commissioner who had approached me & was hassling me for a good 5 mins & finally I showed her the trash in my pouch & told her I'm not doing any harm, if anything I am doing good & showed her the trash & said this is only half of it I already emptied my pouch once. She responded, "Yes you are doing good, have a good day" & she left.

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    I've been working the night shift for the last month and when I get time off, it's over the night. So, I've been night hunting a lot this past month with no issues what-so-ever, with the exception of one REALLY CREEPY incident that has the makings of a great ghost story.....
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