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Thread: garrett AT pro questions

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    garrett AT pro questions

    This is for anyone with a garrett AT pro. What setting do you use it on standard or pro? When hunting what function do you use custom coin or zero ? And have you had any problems with your pin pointer ? I'm asking cause I seem to prefer to hunt in pro coin mode with no notch discrimination mainly because I've gotten use to the sounds there and I dig up everything my pin pointer seems a bit funny and sometimes cuts in and out. I've only had my machine for about a month so I'm still working the kinks out but I'd like to know what other users are doing and experiencing with there's I want to find more jewelry and plan on taking it to the beach this weekend. So I'd love some feed back before saturday.
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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    I use the pro mode and only notch out iron up to around 24 that way you still here some iron (to know what is under you) yet the good targets will just jump out at ya when they are near junk thumbsup01 Its a copper killer but so so on the silver :-\ You will love it in iron infested sites and small targets and dont be afraid to run sensitivity up I rarely turn mine off wide open hope this helps thumbsup01

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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    Yeah it helps a lot what setting do you use and do you leave the iron audio on or off
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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    I use pro zero accept everything and notch out up to around 24 on iron and iron audio off in to much iron it will drive you nuts With the iron set at 24 or around that you can use the iron audio to check to see if it is falsing when you get a good strong silver tone and ID then turn on iron audio if you get a scratchy or not a clear tone most always it is iron Note you have to have some iron notched out for the iron audio to help you any when you check for falsing. I mostly always coin hunt in old fields and dig everything above 48 or 50

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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    Have you tried your AT pro in the water yet ? I went to a near by lake and had a terrible time very bad inconsistent signals and everything I tried to dig I couldn't get (the rain and cold water didn't make it anymore pleasant)with the exception of a couple pennies and I was just happy to pull something metal out of the water. But I wasn't happy with the tones and readings in the water plus I need a better scoop
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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    Not enough to say good or bad but agree you need a good scoop wet sand >:# Hope to hunt some park beachs this year

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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    I use Pro Coin (for playgrounds and trashy areas) and Zero for relic hunting. Open areas of parks I also use the Zero. It's all a matter of preference....

    I've had my AT Pro for about a year and it has been back to the factory for pinpointing problems. Garrett took care of the issue and I had my machine back in about a week. I know of 2 others who experienced the same problem. Don't wait until your warranty runs out! Talk to the dealer you purchased it from and arrange to get it checked out.

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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    I mostly use the Pro Custom and notch out to about 30 on iron.
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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    I run mine in pro zero, but I run my iron to 40 and also notch out the first segment above iron, or it false's too much due to high iron here. It ground balances in the 80's. if you back it down approx 10, it will be more sensitive to silver, up 10 and it is more sensitive to gold.

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    Re: garrett AT pro questions

    So your saying you back out the ground balance 10 ? Because mine is usually around 86 to 89 or 90 when i ground balance. I never thought about and not sure if i even know how to manually adjust the ground balance. Ill definitely have to try that once the snow and ground thaw now that its snowed again. Here. Thanks.
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