Community Hall Rules

This forum is intended as a place where members may make certain off-topic posts unrelated to metal detecting. The goal of this forum is to foster the building of friendships and strength of community among the members. As such, the following types of posts will be allowed:

  • Important life events or milestones (births, deaths, marriages, graduations, jobs, illnesses, etc)

  • Well-wishes and acknowledgment of accepted holidays

  • Sharing and discussion of hobbies

  • Sharing/discussion of news events or stories (as long as they are not religious or political in nature)

  • Requests for sharing of information/assistance from other members on particular topics

Example of topics that are not appropriate (and will be removed without notice) include:

  • Political or religious topics

  • Off-colored, sexist, and racist jokes or riddles of any kind

Please note that decisions about the appropriateness of posts are at the discretion of the administrators and moderators. Posts that are deemed inappropriate will be removed without notice.

Thank you!