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Thread: New QUICK DIGS! Enjoy!

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    New QUICK DIGS! Enjoy!

    Sorry...can't figure out how to embed the player...Thanks for watching!
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    Re: New QUICK DIGS! Enjoy!

    nice plate but i was cringing when they started using that lesche tool to finish digging it out .
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    Re: New QUICK DIGS! Enjoy!

    That was a quick very nice dig. Thanks for posting that
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    Re: New QUICK DIGS! Enjoy!

    I've watched a lot of your videos on line. Great stuff! You have the perfect voice for it. Some incredible finds are still coming to light even after all them years of detecting. Always exciting to see some relics come to light
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    Re: New QUICK DIGS! Enjoy!

    Nice find and video.
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    Nice video and Great find.

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