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Thread: New Luck Token

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    New Luck Token

    I was out hunting a yard with driftwood yesterday. He pulled a nice IH and few wheaties. And I got a new token. It dates to around 1900. It is an advertising/good luck token put out by a Company in St Louis that made coal fired cook stoves and heaters. On the back inside the horseshoe it says, "BE A USER OF THE COPPER-CLAD OR A LIFE MEMBER OF THE WISH-I-HAD"
    Thanks for looking!
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    That is an awesome token! I've never seen one like it before. Fascinating how the swastika used to be just an innocuous good luck symbol.

    Great find!
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    I agree with Tony. I LOVE THAT TOKEN! Nice that you did some research and we can see how it fit into Americana. "Copperhead Crank Club" sounds like a cool motorcycle club to me! Excellent find my friend. Best wishes and HH, Dave.
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    Very cool find!
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    Really interesting token. Like to find things like that and getting to research it to find out what it is. That's what keeps this hobby so interesting. Congrats. Safe & HH

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    Awesome!! Nice post all around! How big is that thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OxShoeDrew View Post
    Awesome!! Nice post all around! How big is that thing?
    Thanks, it's just a bit bigger then a quarter.

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    I love digging tokens. Looks like you found a really great one. Very Nice
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    Awesome old token you found there I've never seen one like that posted before!

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    Great token but also sounds like a great stove too Nice job on the research.
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    Now that's a very unusual find. Congrats on this token. Think this will bring you a lot of luck.

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    Very nice, well researched find. Congratulations.
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