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    Headphones question

    What headphones have the loudest max volume and separate control for each ear?

    I have high frequency hearing loss and is it different in each ear. When I am using my AT Gold I don't want to use my hearing aides as the heat and humidity and sweat here in Houston will ruin them. I have the standard Garrett headphones and Jolly Rogers, both have about the same max volume and am hoping there is something out there stronger or, headphones that would accentuate the high tones, that is what I am having trouble hearing.

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    Check out
    i can't vouch for them personally but they claim to be an in-line amplifier. You would need a 1/4 inch jack adapter I think.


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    This looks promising. Thanks!

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    I found some other options:

    There are similar ones also on amazon as well as guitar headphone amps that have the 1/4 inch jack already. You would then have to figure out how to attach your headphones with an adapter. The guitar amp just might be better at getting highs. I'm amazed at how many options there are. Thanks for leading me into reading about it. I now have options for quiet guitar playing at night.


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    Hello Winmeek,
    I have the same type hearing loss. A good headset makes life easier for me. I use Sennheiser HD 280 Pro phones. They are a bargain at $99 on Amazon. They don't have individual volume controls but they are loud. Nicely padded, a tightly coiled cord and has a 3.5mm end with a 1/4" threaded adapter. Clean sound and high end response. Hope that helps.
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