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Thread: Scrapes, Cuts, Blisters, Bruises

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    Scrapes, Cuts, Blisters, Bruises

    Hi everyone,
    I thought it would be fun to start a thread dedicated to metal detecting related injuries. The nastier the pictures the better, so don't hold back. lol
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    I've almost lost an eye sorry no pictures to protect the innocent ok maybe it wasn't that bad but I swear a small branch from a fir tree smacked me in the eye so hard on the actual eyeball , that my eye teared up the rest of the day .it felt itchy and irritated all day , only when I got home 10 hours later my wife noticed the tiny fir tree bristles still in my eye and boy did it feel good to finally get them out and wash my eye.
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    One winter I was using my relic shovel hacking some roots, the shovel deflected off the root and went clear down to my shin bone, that was a wound that took forever to heal. It left a nasty scar too

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    No pics, but a couple of times a year I usually shred my legs pretty bad in the briar patches. You get these nasty looking 1 to 8 inch long slices all over your legs. They really don't hurt but just look real bad. The worst injury I almost got was when I got some poison ivy on my wrist on a hunt a couple of years ago. Later that night my wife was complaining of a stiff neck. Being the nice husband that I am I gave her a back and neck rub. 24 hours later she had poison ivy all over her back. She threatened to hit me over the head with my detector if I ever did that again. That would have hurt
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    For me it is always wasp stings (yellow jackets) today was sting # 2 & 3. Couple weeks back was #1. But my friend Mike got hit about 10 times today. We both started digging a hole (different areas) about 2 feet from a ground nest. I'm luckier cause I can run faster than him
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