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    Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

    As stated in my introduction, the referenced detector was under the tree. I don't know if this board typically engages in flaming, if so, please know that I realize it isn't the best unit out there. I hope it's good enough to introduce me to the hobby, and if I spend enough time at it I might upgrade. For now, this is it.

    I am hoping that someone with a bit of experience with units of this ilk can give me some pointers. I've had it out in the backyard a couple of times and found the requisite pop tops, an old pull tab, some aluminum wire the cable guy left behind, a gutter strap, a chrome plated pin of some sort, a piece of what appears to be molten metal with some unmelted parts fused to it, a 1999 dime, and this cap gun hammer in perfect condition, no bends, or breaks. I wish I could find out what kind of gun it belongs to.

    From my experience so far it seems that a pinpoint type detector would be helpful. What about other stuff? I've seen the digging tools, are they really any different than a garden trowel?

    What can I expect from this machine? Any tips on what not to do?

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