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Thread: Bronze Ring 16-18 century

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    Bronze Ring 16-18 century

    First i want to devote my entire gratitude in this post by my metal detector “Garrett At-pro Int” which again did not disappoint me.
    Few years ago i found in a forest, where i found before a reliquary cross, i search again perhaps even i will find something nice again .. as said so and it happened: D
    We was 4 guys on that detection: me with at-pro 2x ace250 and one with fisher f4.
    At some point I got into a ravine in the forest .. where the soil was very clayey and beaten say that there has been bulldozed, all detectors have crazy on a 15 square meter portion ,
    Other colleagues abandoned me because they not managed to identify anything in that area, because the detectors gone crazy like the sirens.
    On my Garrett At-pro i was able to do manual ground ballance and i have reduced how much as i can that noise, then I manage to scan the surface of the earth,
    Anyway the sound has not disappeared completely but i removed as much as i can the interference and I managed to find a Bronze Ring which I suspect to be from the 16-18 century.
    I hope u like this ring.
    The ring was donated to the museum acros my city.

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    Is this ring Roman? Where was it found?
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    Very nice ring! Nice to see you managed a great find when all others left you! Congrats.

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    Very nice ring !!!

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    no is not roman, i think is habsburgic one

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